Ben Drury


My undergraduate degree was in Molecular Cell Biology at Manchester University. I spent a year at Lonza Biologics working with protein expression plasmids and I also organised a summer placement in the lab of Nancy Rotherwell performing immunostainings for the IL-1 receptor in a mouse model of stroke.

After university I worked in industry to earn money to go traveling before starting my PhD. My first job was as a production chemist synthesising primers for use in PCR. I didn’t like it much so after a couple of months I took a job as a product development technician at QIAGEN. Here we were developing a qPCR based diagnostic kit to detect mutations in the EGFR gene in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Finally I went traveling around South America to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru before starting my PhD in the Vincent Lab.

My project is looking at the role of the fly BMP homologue Dpp in co-ordinating growth and patterning in developing tissues, specifically the precursors of wings, wings imaginal discs.

Outside of the lab I am a keen baker and volleyball player and play with the London Spikers ( and also with The Olafson’s, a team in the institutes league.